Views Around the Outside of the House

Welcome to our home
Drive into our spacious driveway, landscaped driveway. There's lots of room for you and guests.

Mamma's Gardens

When you get out of your car and walk towards our house
you will be greeted by several of mamma's nicely cultured and groomed gardens.

Here is a picture of our side deck, on an evening when it reflected the evening sunlight. This is where we usually enjoy our evening dinners and our times of socializing with friends.

Stone Walkway Leading to the Verandah and Side Deck

Basement Entrance to the Lake

Its a guy thing I know, but the basement doors open out, and there is no centre post.  This is so you can drive a garden tractor into the house, or take your boat into the basement for the winter.

My Studio

My little studio is my place of retreat from the world. Its here that I have created some of my most beautiful paintings.  If  you're not inclined towards art you can call it your bunky, or your garden tool shed, or your
meditation centre.  Its your call.

Front View of the Lake

Our home faces two area of water on Belmont Lake. It looks out through the front windows onto the lake. The side windows look over Sawmill Bay.  We keep our dock on the lake side of the lot.  This picture is taken from the walkway leading into the basement of our home.  The front lawn is elevated over the lakeshore.

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